Smart City Digital Signage

Digital signs are a central component of the smart city strategy in Nice, France.

Digital signs are a central component of the smart city strategy in Nice, France.

Digital signs turn busy streets into public information hubs.

Major cities around the world are turning to digital signage as a method of communicating with residents and visitors. No longer just an advertising tool, digital signs are used to share news and weather info, upcoming events, public transit information and even emergency messages.

Case Study: Nice, France

Located in the heart of the French Riviera, Nice is a major tourist destination that welcomes over 5 million visitors per year. It's also regarded as one of the world's smartest cities. Along with solar energy initiatives and a cutting-edge transportation system, one of the things that makes Nice so smart is its outdoor digital signage system, which allows the city to communicate with people moving around the city in real time.

In the zone piétonne (pedestrian zone) near bustling Place Masséna, for example, the city of Nice has placed a number of large digital signs that convey important information to visitors. On any given day passersby may see information about the new tram line to the airport, the day's weather forecast, brief ads for local businesses, and (at the time of writing), information about the city's Christmas market and related events. Information is updated daily and in the event of an emergency, safety information can be displayed on all of the signs in real time.

Because digital signs can be updated anytime over a secure web connection, the city of Nice is able to communicate with locals and visitors in real time with none of the costs or delays associated with printed signs. A small team can deliver engaging content all over the city, and the signs can even become a profit center when local businesses opt to pay for brief ads to be delivered on the signage network.

Using a digital signage platform like XOGO, municipalities can expect to pay as little as USD $85 for each of their digital media players, along with a subscription fee of $15 per player per month. The only other components needed are a digital display or television (inside a weatherproof enclosure) and an Internet connection.

Digital signage is an effective and affordable component of any modern, smart city. If you'd like to learn more about how digital signs can be implemented in your city, please contact us to set up time to chat.