xogo digital signage

Privacy Policy

We collect no personal information with our applications.

We do not collect, use or save any of your personal data in XOGO Player or XOGO Manager. Digital signage (media content) files are not personal and are stored on your device and in the cloud so they can be distributed to your network of digital signage players.  We may access these files for support purposes only. We never share your content with any third parties.  

Any payment or billing information submitted to XOGO is encrypted for your protection and will also never be shared with third parties.  Your email address is used for logging into XOGO or submitting a support ticket; we may also contact you via email in order to send you user instructions or notify you about new XOGO features.  We do not sell or give your contact information to other companies, because that would be evil. If you have questions about our privacy policy please feel free to email us at: info@xogo.io