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Actual airport data (London Gatwick) from Screenfeed

Actual airport data (London Gatwick) from Screenfeed

Display news, weather, social media, airport info and more.

XOGO makes it incredibly easy to get your own graphics and videos playing on screens. But what if you could keep your content fresh without having to hire a designer or agency?  We're very proud to announce a partnership with two exciting online content providers, Screenfeed and DS Menu.

As of this week, XOGO users can set up an account with either of these partners and in a few quick steps, mix online content into any XOGO playlist along with their own graphics and videos.

Screenfeed allows users to pull in beautiful news feeds, weather, airport data, facebook posts and more. DS Menu is the industry leader in online menu boards and allows users to choose from hundreds of easily-customizable menu templates. Both work seamlessly with XOGO and we have online tutorials available showing how to connect them to XOGO.

We can’t wait to see the beautiful playlists that you’ll put together by combining online feeds with your own graphics. Having trouble getting set up? Feel free to contact us for help.