Microsoft Surface Premium. Powered by XOGO.

microsoft surface premium experience

Microsoft Surface Premium. Powered by XOGO.

Microsoft and XOGO unveiled the first Surface Premium retail experience over the weekend, at a Sundan store in Beijing’s renowned Sanlitun shopping district. A continuation of the popular Surface Table retail fixture, Surface Premium is a Microsoft “store-within-a-store” that allows consumers to test drive the latest Surface Pro and Surface Book hardware, along with the all-new Surface Studio, Surface Laptop and related software. 

Each Surface Premium experience incorporates two video walls from XOGO, which are integrated into the retail fixture and play motion graphic video content about Surface products. The videos play in sync with one another, but can be interrupted at any time by an IoT trigger. For instance, when a user clicks the pen on a Surface Pro beneath the video wall, she will immediately see a brief video about the Surface Pen itself.  After the video plays, the two video walls again sync up and play identical content. Store associates can also mirror content to a video wall from a Surface device in order to give demos to a large group.

We spoke to a store representative at Sundan the day that Surface Premium launched; he had spent the entire morning giving demos to interested shoppers and was thrilled to have sold five new Surface devices before lunchtime. Store traffic has reportedly increased as well, as passersby notice the large Microsoft presence from the street and stop in to try out the latest hardware. 

Surface Premium is being launched in eight countries across Asia and Europe this summer, to coincide with the local release of Microsoft's latest Surface products.