5 Reasons to Bring Your Own Device

Installing XOGO apps on existing devices can save your organization time and money.

Installing XOGO apps on existing devices can save your organization time and money.

BYOD: 5 Reasons to Bring Your Own Device

1) Cost Savings

Retailing at just $85 USD, the XOGO Mini is one of the most affordable digital signage players on the market. But what if your organization already has existing hardware or needs to use a specific operating system? Our XOGO Player app is available for Windows 10, Chrome, Android and now Fire TV devices, so there are literally hundreds of compatible computers, tablets and TVs on the market that can be transformed into digital signs simply by installing our app.

If your organization is currently running digital signage software on Windows 10 computers or Chrome devices for instance, you could install XOGO Player on them and likely save hundreds of dollars per screen per year over your existing solution. If you're starting from scratch, you might choose to run XOGO on existing PCs or Android tablets that you have in stock, or even browse Amazon for an inexpensive Fire Stick or television that runs the Fire TV operating system, and can be used for entertainment when you're not running our player app.

2) Form Factor

Many customers prefer to use a tiny digital signage player like a XOGO Mini or Google Chromebit, which can easily be concealed behind an existing screen. Other types of installations require a thin, all-in-one device like an Android tablet or a Fire TV television that can be mounted in a kiosk or on the wall. Our player app is available across all of your favorite app stores, so you can turn any of these devices into a digital sign.

3) Run Multiple Apps

Customers often prefer to use a device like a XOGO Mini or Chromebox, which will automatically launch XOGO Player and begin playing your content whenever they boot up. However, enterprise customers sometimes need to run multiple applications on their signage player; for instance, remote monitoring software like LogMeIn or TeamViewer. We have the perfect solution for that.

In order to set up a player that runs multiple apps, just install XOGO Player on a Windows 10 PC. We can help you to set up "kiosk mode" in Windows if you'd like, so your PC will automatically launch XOGO Player upon boot, but pressing ctrl+alt+delete at any time will interrupt our player app so you can launch a different application. Then just sign out or reboot when you're done in order to launch XOGO Player again. Problem solved.

4) Video Wall Capability

Are you ready to take your signage to the next level? If you run XOGO Player on a Windows 10 PC with Intel Graphics Command Center installed, you can set up custom resolutions and spread your content across a multi-screen "video wall". For instance if you wanted to run a dual-screen video wall with two commercial-grade 1080p screens stacked on top of one another, you would set your Windows device to a 1080 pixel (wide) x 2160 pixel (tall) resolution, upload graphics or video content in the same resolution to your player using the XOGO Manager app, and then daisy-chain your displays to one another so they run in "matrix mode" as a video wall. Video wall setup can seem intimidating but it's actually quite easy once you know the basics. Contact us anytime for help with choosing your hardware and setting up XOGO.

5) Environment

Last but not least, our flexible BYOD approach keeps devices out of landfills. Repurposing existing hardware as digital signage players can save your organization money and extend the working of life of hardware that might otherwise be recycled or discarded.