How to Create Engaging Content: 6 Questions to Consider

How to Create Engaging Content: 6 Questions to Consider

Digital signage is somewhat like a website. It can be used to display anything digital - from creative elements like branding and artwork, to informative items such as menus and price lists. The best implementations usually include a bit of both. Here are six important questions to ask, which will help determine what kind of content ultimately needs to be on your screens:

What do I need to communicate to my customers?

If you’re running a sushi restaurant, you likely want people to see your menus and daily specials along with beautiful images of your dishes. A sporting goods retailer may want to advertise a sale or the latest new running shoes in stock, along with exciting athletic videos that will draw people into the store to check them out. The local yoga studio would likely advertise class schedules and prices along with inspiring videos or even a QR code linking to their mobile class schedule app. The possibilities are endless but just like a website, start by asking what you ultimately want your customers to know, then think about…

What is the best way to communicate it?

How much information do you need to convey and how long does it take to digest? Our sushi restaurant would likely want their menus on-screen most, if not all of the time. However, the retailer or yoga studio would probably want to use static images of sale info / class schedules alongside eye-catching video content that captures the attention of people passing by.

Where is the best place to communicate it? 

It’s less obvious than it sounds - digital signage should be placed where it can be seen. The best place for a digital menu board is generally up high, where lots of people can see it at the same time while they are standing in a queue and thinking about what to order. The best place for retail signage, by contrast, is typically in a shop window or even a weatherproof enclosure outside in order to draw people into the store to shop. Think about where the best place is to communicate your message.

What assets might I already have that can be repurposed for digital signage?

Most businesses already have high-resolution logos, presentations or perhaps even promotional videos that can be incorporated into digital signage content. The XOGO system accepts a number of different still image and video formats, allowing customers to use existing assets in their digital signage. Please check our FAQ section for the latest list of accepted image and video formats. 

How will I develop the remaining messaging that I want to deploy?

Large companies tend to have graphic design departments or work with creative agencies that can produce their content. For small businesses and nonprofits, this can be more of a challenge. XOGO offers creative services at a competitive price for organizations that need assistance - we’ll work with you to understand your needs, develop content and then upon your approval, push it right to your XOGO Player(s). Please contact us below for more information!

How often do I need to update my content?

The compelling thing about digital signage is that you don’t need to run to the printer every time you want to change something - just edit your digital media and send it to the screen. Our competitors have various ways of doing this -some more complex than others- but XOGO was designed with simplicity in mind. In fact it takes just moments to upload content into your library and beam it to a media player, and you can do it right from your Windows or Android device. Why not download XOGO today and give it a try for free?