How Does XOGO Compare?

How Does XOGO Compare?

There are a lot of options in the digital signage world today, so how does XOGO stack up against the competition?  Let’s take a quick look at some of the differentiators that make XOGO unique:

Ease of Use

We have a simple philosophy - digital signage should be powerful, yet easy and fun to use. The XOGO platform has a friendly, familiar interface that anyone can use. Just download the content management app on your Windows or Android device and you can start uploading videos and still images into your library. Choose items from that library to form a playlist, and beam your playlist to any media player in your network. 

How do you connect a media player to your XOGO account? We made that part easy as well. Just plug the XOGO player into any display via HDMI, connect it to WiFi and you’ll see a QR code appear on the screen. Scan that QR code with our content management app and voila, the media player is assigned to your account and will start “listening” for playlists. And once you send a playlist to a media player, it will continue playing even if the media player loses WiFi access. (See our Getting Started page.)

This is quite a departure from most competing platforms, which require specialized software to set up and manage the network of displays, and an IT administrator to keep tabs on the network and make sure all of the players are functioning. 


Despite its simple and friendly interface, the XOGO platform has powerful features that our competitors are lacking. For instance, tap on realtime mode in the content manager app and you can temporarily “take over” any display on your network and make it display new content. This is perfect for assisted-selling scenarios in retail, or to send blueprints, images or videos to the screen while giving a presentation.  Other platforms simply don’t allow for this type of real-time screen interaction. 

We are also able to accept 3rd party content in the form of HTML5 inputs, which allows developers to integrate their own applications with XOGO and send them to the big screen. And we’re building an app market that will soon allow customers to pull in content from online sources like social media pages, making it even easier to keep fresh, engaging content playing on the screens. 


XOGO was developed with small businesses in mind, and we have priced it accordingly. While other platforms frequently cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month, XOGO Decision Signage is available as a limited free version - or an unlimited version priced at a flat $15 per screen per month. And you can install our content manager app on as many devices as you want - completely free of charge. 


All XOGO users have access to our online FAQs and free email support. Premium installation and support options are available for organizations that need to deploy large numbers of devices, or need help with sophisticated installations like multi-screen video walls. Please contact us for more details.