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Manage campus communications right from your tablet or smart phone.



Schools and universities often need to convey information to large groups of people, across one or more buildings or campuses.  In the past this meant investing large sums of money in a centralized digital signage system with on-premise servers, expensive media player PCs, and ongoing user training. The cost and complexity of these systems tended to put them out of reach for a lot of organizations.  But not anymore.



XOGO Decision Signage is a new cloud-based signage platform that runs on ultra-small, low cost media players and can be managed from almost any PC, tablet or smart phone. It's an excellent solution for universities and nonprofit organizations - not only because of the low price, but also because the system is intuitive and requires no user training aside from reading or watching our Quick Start guide.

With XOGO, administrators can manage an unlimited number of internet-connected digital signs anywhere across campus (or the world!).  Setup takes 3-5 minutes per screen: simply log into our XOGO Manager app on any supported device and enter the PIN code that appears on the screen running our XOGO Player app (this can be a XOGO Mini or any Windows 10 device). Assign the player a playlist and voila - your digital sign is now live and will begin looping your content, even if it later loses Internet connectivity.  

Did we mention that XOGO is affordable?  Our media player devices start at only $85 USD apiece, and our software subscriptions are just $20 per player per month*.  And because we have a freemium pricing model, you can download and test drive XOGO on one screen completely free of charge until you're ready to upgrade and/or add more players to your account.

Users are often surprised to see how easy it is to upload graphics and videos into XOGO, drop them into playlists and assign them to players. The days of having to engage an IT department to deploy and manage digital signs are long gone - with XOGO any administrator can create graphics or videos (even using everyday tools like PowerPoint!), load them into XOGO and have them playing across a network of signs in just minutes. Whether you need to let students and faculty know about upcoming events, class cancellations or even an emergency situation, XOGO is ready to broadcast your message to all of your screens.


For More Information

If you’d like to learn more about how XOGO can work for your school or university, please download XOGO today or contact our sales team with any specific questions about the technology. 

*Or choose to pay annually and save 25%!