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Your guests are here to relax. What if you could too? 



Restaurants, hotels, coffee shops and other service-industry businesses face a similar challenge. They aim to provide guests with a relaxing, high-touch experience in the most efficient way possible.  But with ever-changing menus, specials and event schedules, it can be difficult to ensure that all of your customer touchpoints have up-to-date information. Perhaps the best way to stay up to date is through the use of digital signs. 


Digital signage platforms like XOGO are cloud-based, which means that entire networks of digital signs can easily be managed from a central location. Suppose that you manage a coffee shop. You may have a sign near your entrance that lets visitors know about your hours and any specials that you have on offer. Above the counter, you may have one or more menu signs for breakfast and lunch that need to be changed frequently.  You may even have advertisements of some kind in your meeting room or restrooms.

If you were using static signage, updating your signs would involve a lot of design and printing costs, as well as employee time for physically changing out the signs.  By using digital signs, however, a single employee can create graphics for all of the screens (even in PowerPoint), quickly upload them to the cloud and assign them to media players. 

Imagine the customer journey in a digitally-enabled coffee shop. Upon walking in the door, our guest is greeted by a screen placed next to the merchandise, advertising 10% off branded mugs and hats with any coffee purchase. He chooses a mug and steps into line, checking out the day's menu on the digital menu board above the counter (which automatically changes to a lunch menu at noon). He orders his coffee and croissant.  Before leaving the coffee shop, our guest stops briefly in the restroom where a small screen is looping advertisements for other local businesses, along with local weather info and images from the shop's Instagram feed. He makes a mental note to visit the new bike shop up the block.

An experience of this type can easily be created and managed by a single employee, who can update the coffee shop's digital media players from his/her PC, tablet or smart phone. And the cost is just $20 per media player per month*, along with a one-time purchase of XOGO Mini players and TV screens. There's no need to print or hang materials, and employees can see at a glance what's playing on any of their screens - or even take them over in real time to present specific information to a visitor. 

For More Information

XOGO Decision Signage is affordable, easy to use and a perfect solution for the hospitality industry. If you’d like to learn more about how XOGO can work for your hotel or restaurant business, please download XOGO today or contact our sales team with any specific questions about the technology. 

*Or choose to pay annually and save 25%!