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Running XOGO Digital Signage on Chrome Devices


XOGO is an affordable, easy to use digital signage platform that runs on many types of devices. For many customers, our $85 XOGO Mini is the ideal media player because it comes with XOGO Player pre-installed and is managed entirely by our XOGO Manager app.

However, we also support devices like the Chromebit and Chromebox that run the Google Chrome operating system. These can be a great choice when additional RAM and storage are required. Please take the following steps in order to install XOGO Player on your Chrome device.

Before you begin:

Your organization needs to subscribe to a Chrome service such as Chrome Enterprise, Chrome Education or Chrome Kiosk, and your devices need to be enrolled before anyone signs into them and begins setup. Please be sure to set XOGO Player as a kiosk app in your organization’s device management panel. For instructions on resetting a device that someone has already signed into, please see Google’s Chrome setup instructions.

Please be sure to set XOGO Player as a kiosk app in your device management panel.

Please be sure to set XOGO Player as a kiosk app in your device management panel.

Step 1:

Once XOGO Player has been set as a kiosk app for your organization, you are ready to set up your individual Chrome device(s). Please turn on your Chrome device and follow the on-screen instructions until you see the sign-in screen. (Do not sign in yet.) If you see the enterprise enrollment screen instead of the sign-in screen, please proceed to step 3.  

Step 2:

Press Ctrl+Alt+E (or navigate to more options > enterprise enrollment) in order to get to the enterprise enrollment screen.

Step 3:

Now enter the username + password of a Google account that has eligibility to enroll in this organization. If prompted, enter your asset ID and location and click next.

Step 4:

When you see a confirmation that your device is successfully enrolled, click done. Your individual user(s) can now sign into the devices and begin using them.

Step 5:

Now that your Chrome device is set up and running XOGO Player, simply follow our standard Getting Started instructions to quickly connect the player to your XOGO account and send it a playlist. If you run into any issues, please email us at support@xogo.io for assistance. Thanks for using XOGO!