getting started with xogo

Getting Started with XOGO


XOGO Decision Signage is an affordable, easy to use digital signage application that runs on the Windows operating system. You can use your own PC as a media player or purchase our XOGO Mini device.  We also offer a free app called XOGO Content Manager that runs on your tablet or smart phone and allows you to send content to your screens. 

Step 1:

If you have a XOGO Mini, simply connect it to a display with an HDMI cable. Push the power button and the device immediately boots into the XOGO Decision Signage application and displays a QR code. If you're using your own media player, you can download XOGO Decision Signage for free on the Windows Store and launch the app; again you will see a large QR code appear on screen.

Step 2: 

Next, visit our downloads page to get our free XOGO Content Manager for your Windows, Android or iOS device. This app allows you to upload content and playlists to your digital signage player. 

Step 3: 

Launch the XOGO Content Manager app on your mobile device and create your own XOGO account. Then tap on +NEW in the Player section and scan the QR code that is showing on the big screen. This associates the media player with your XOGO account.

Step 4:

Still using the XOGO Content Manager app, click +NEW to upload image and video files into the Library section. Then create one or more playlists out of items in your library, and tap on the media player that you added earlier in order to assign it a playlist. Your media player will sync with the cloud (requires Internet connectivity) and your content will begin to play in just a few moments. 

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Step 5:

Whenever you wish to make changes to playlists or add more media players, simply log into the XOGO Content Manager app and make your edits. Changes are pushed to your media players via the cloud. Automagically.