getting started with xogo

Getting Started with XOGO


XOGO Decision Signage is an affordable, easy to use digital signage application that allows you to turn any Windows 10 device into a digital sign.  It works in conjunction with a free app called XOGO Content Manager, which runs on your Windows or Android device (iOS coming soon!) and allows you to manage the content that is playing on each of your digital signs.

Step 1:

Visit our downloads page to get our free XOGO Content Manager app for your Windows or Android device. This app allows you to upload content and playlists to your media player. Create an account with your email address and a secure password.

Step 2:

If you have a XOGO Mini, simply connect it to a display via an HDMI cable. Push the power button and the device immediately boots into the XOGO Decision Signage application. Use the content manager app on your smart phone or tablet to connect the device to WiFi. You will then see a QR code and PIN code appear on the display.

If you're using your own media player, download XOGO Decision Signage for free on the Windows Store, connect to WiFi and launch the app.  You will then see the same QR code and PIN appear on screen.

QR code process.png

Step 3: 

Using the XOGO Content Manager app on your mobile device, tap on +NEW to upload still images or videos into the Library section. Then tap +NEW and create one or more playlists using the items in your Library. Finally, tap +NEW in the Player section and scan the QR code (or enter the PIN) on your media player's screen to associate the media player with your unique XOGO account. Assign the device a playlist and it will sync with the cloud (requires Internet connectivity) and immediately begin playing your content.

xogo decision signage

Step 4:

Whenever you wish to make changes to playlists or add more media players, simply log into the XOGO Content Manager app and make your edits. Changes are pushed to your media players via the cloud. Automagically.

Bonus: Realtime Mode

XOGO Content Manager is more than just a content uploading tool - it's a real time remote control! Just select RealTime mode in the control panel and (provided that your media player and controller device are both connected to the Internet) you can make any content on the media player PC play in real time. Right from your phone or tablet!  

And because you can set items to be invisible within a playlist, you can have your normal media content playing and then interrupt it with something that has been hidden. This is a perfect scenario for retail, as an example - you can interrupt a looping "attract" video in order to pull up tech specs, pricing or information.

xogo realtime mode

Thanks for choosing XOGO Decision Signage. If you need further assistance with your new digital signage software, please take a look at our FAQ page or contact us for support.