XOGO Inside

XOGO is an elegant, intuitive digital signage platform that runs on the Windows operating system. It's affordable and easy to use, yet deceptively powerful - with interactive options and IOT content trigger capability. It's been deployed globally and powers interactive retail experiences for Microsoft Surface products all over the world. 

How does XOGO work?

XOGO consists of two parts - a media player application, which runs on Windows, and a free content manager application which is available on Windows and Android devices (iOS coming soon). You can run the media player on your own Windows device or purchase XOGO Mini, which is a tiny media player that runs the Windows 10 IoT Core OS and our XOGO Decision Signage application. Simply plug the media player into a screen, scan the QR code with our management application, and you're ready to send content to the big screen. It's that easy. (See our Getting Started page.)

XOGO allows you to power one screen and up to 15 library items (videos must be one minute or less in duration) completely free of charge. Upgrade to an unlimited version within our management application for only $20 per screen per month.

Use our software for free. Seriously.

We offer authorized hardware partners a free "XOGO Inside" application for Windows that can be imaged onto media player PCs or embedded boards/chips. End user customers then have a freemium digital signage package that they can use, which is an excellent differentiator and value-add for the hardware mfg. And whenever an end user upgrades to a XOGO Pro account, we will track the activity and automatically reimburse the hardware mfg. 20% of that amount. Every month, as long as the end user remains a paid XOGO customer. It's true! We're offering free software plus paying you commission whenever someone upgrades. 

Ready to get started?

Please contact us via the link below so we can set up a time to discuss the XOGO platform, understand your hardware business and talk about a potential integration. We look forward to talking with you.