Version 1.0

Version 1.0

Surface Table Troubleshooting

Microsoft Surface Table is a retail fixture that is used by retailers all over the world to showcase Surface products. Surface Table leverages XOGO Decision Signage to play videos on one or more large screens connected to the table. Additional video content can be triggered wirelessly when people interact with the Surface devices on the table. The following are troubleshooting Q&A's that can help on-site staff to correct issues with the table. If these steps do not correct the problem please contact (Europe), (Asia) or (Canada) for assistance.

Issue: The Screen is Black

If the NEC display is not playing videos, it's usually because the display has been turned off, it has been set to the wrong input, or a cable has been unplugged. Please check the following items: 

1) Power: ensure that there is power to the Surface Table and its devices. Some stores turn off power at the breaker every night.

2) Standby: if the table has electric power, first use the remote control inside the table to turn the display to "on".

3) Input: if the display is on but still has no picture, use the remote control to cycle through the inputs until you see videos playing.

4) Cables: ensure that the display is still connected to the media player PC inside the table via its DisplayPort cable.

Figure 1: Media Player Connections Close-Up

Figure 1: Media Player Connections Close-Up

Issue: Content Triggers do not Work

If the NEC display is playing videos but the Surface Pro and Surface Book cannot trigger content to play in real time, there is likely a networking issue or the Surface Pen is not paired correctly. Please check the following items: 

1) Surface Pen: click the pen and ensure that Windows Ink Workspace appears on the screen of the Surface Device. If it does not, the pen is probably not paired. Hold the top button of the pen for 10 seconds until you see a blue light appear on the pen. It should now be paired. If it is not, check the battery inside the Surface Pen. 

2) Surface Agent 1: click once on the desktop of the Surface Pro or Book, then type "xogorocks" on the keyboard. A hidden window should appear that shows Surface Agent and its settings. If it does not, then the software is not installed and you'll need to contact support to have a technician install the software.

3) Surface Agent 2: if the Surface Agent is installed but the triggers are still not working, ensure that XOGO is selected in the drop-down menu as shown. This makes the Surface device communicate with the media player PC via the wireless router inside the table. If XOGO does not appear in the list, simply connect the Surface device to XOGO WiFi, then close and reopen Surface Agent. Now XOGO will appear in the drop-down menu.

4) Media Player: if the Surface Agent is set up correctly but the triggers still do not work, ensure that the ethernet cable is still connected between the media player PC and the wireless router. They are both inside the table.

Figure 2: Surface Agent Setup

Figure 2: Surface Agent Setup

Figure 3: Router Connections Close-Up

Figure 3: Router Connections Close-Up

Issue: Triggers Work but WiFi Does Not

If the content triggers are working but the Surface Pro and Book do not have WiFi access, it's because the Surface devices are properly "locked into" communicating with the wireless router inside the table, but the router has not been set up to "mirror" an available WiFi network inside the store. This will require remote support but you can assist us by sending us the following information:

1) Network: if there is an available WiFi network inside the store, please write down the SSID (network name) and password. Then look up the network gateway. You can use a Windows PC that is not connected to XOGO, like the Surface Studio. Simply connect it to the WiFi network then run CMD from the search bar, and type in command "ipconfig".  The gateway usually ends in 1, i.e.

2) IMEI: please also take a picture of the IMEI number on the bottom of the wireless router, so we can be sure that we are communicating with the correct router for your store. 

3) Email: contact us at (Europe), (Asia) or (Canada) with the information above and we will remotely set up the router to "mirror" the WiFi network that you send us, so the Surface Pros / Books will have both content triggers and Internet connectivity.