Version 1.3.4

Version 1.3.4

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Microsoft Surface Table is a retail fixture that is used by retailers all over the world to showcase Surface products. Surface Table leverages XOGO Decision Signage to play videos on one or more large screens connected to the table. Additional video content can be triggered wirelessly when people interact with the Surface devices on the table. You will need the following items in order to install XOGO Decision Signage in a Microsoft retail location.

surface table requirements.png

Step 1: Set Up a USB Flash Drive Before Going to the Store

The XOGO Media Kit includes a media player PC and router but you will also need to install a software application called SurfaceAgent onto multiple Microsoft Surface devices. Please download the application here and load it onto a USB flash drive so you don't need to download it on every device. Important: you must right click on Properties and check "Unblock" before you extract the zip file! You will also need to install LogMeIn; please download the installer here and load it onto the same USB flash drive.

Figure 1: Surface Agent Download

Figure 1: Surface Agent Download

Step 2: Connect the XOGO Media Player PC

When you arrive in the store with your XOGO Media Kit and USB flash drive, the Surface Table should already be set up and have 6 Microsoft Surface devices on top of the table (if not, please ask a store manager). You will first install our media player PC, which comes pre-configured from XOGO.

a) Carefully remove the panel in the center of the Surface Table by lifting upward.

b) Plug the media player PC into the power strip inside the table and press the power button.

c) Plug the mini DisplayPort adapter into the media player PC. Connect it to the NEC display via the DisplayPort cable. Power on the display. You should now see videos playing on the NEC display.

d) Put the media player inside the table and neatly arrange the cables.

Figure 2: Media Player Diagram

Figure 2: Media Player Diagram

Figure 3: Media Player Connections Close-Up

Figure 3: Media Player Connections Close-Up

Step 3: Connect the AirLink MP70 Router

Next install the wireless router. 

a) Attach antennas to the cellular and WiFi ports on the AirLink MP70 router as shown.

b) Plug the Airlink MP70 into the power strip in the center of the table and ensure that its power switch is turned on.

c) Connect the ethernet cable coming from the NEC display directly to the router (do not use port 4).

d) Connect an ethernet cable from the media player PC directly to the router (do not use port 4).

e) Put the router inside the table and neatly arrange the cables.

Figure 4: Media Player and Router Diagram

Figure 4: Media Player and Router Diagram

Figure 5: Router Connections Close-Up

Figure 5: Router Connections Close-Up

Step 4: Install LogMeIn on the Surface Devices

Now that you have connected the XOGO devices, you must install LogMeIn (remote support) software onto all of the Surface Pro and Surface Book devices. You do not need to install anything on Surface Studio or Surface Laptop devices.

a) Sign out as the default Windows user and sign in as user: RetailAdmin pass: trs10 (if you do not see RetailAdmin as a log-in option then it means that RDX retail demo mode has not been enabled on the device - in this case please contact us or ask the in-store Microsoft representative for assistance. The devices are supposed to be set up in advance).

b) Install LogMeIn by inserting your USB drive into the device and double-clicking on LogMeIn. Follow the prompts to enter the device name following these guidelines: country-city-street-device type-device number. (Example: france-paris-champselysees-sp4-1). You do not need to enter any kind of username / password for LogMeIn when you use the link above. Simply close all LogMeIn Windows once you've installed the app, and when prompted click YES to allow it to run in the background at all times.

Figure 6: LogMeIn Installation Video

Step 5: Install SurfaceAgent on the Surface Devices

Once LogMeIn is installed on the Surface device, you will need to also install our SurfaceAgent (content trigger) software from the USB flash drive that you set up in Step 1. Please follow these steps on each Surface Pro / Surface Book (you should still be logged in as RetailAdmin):

a) Connect your USB flash drive to the Surface device and run the Setup program for SurfaceAgent. You will be prompted to enter an admin password, which is trs10. If the installation fails, simply run it again. 

b) Restart the Surface device. It will automatically sign in again as the default user (i.e. Gilbert Beaulieu in France).

c) Enter the SurfaceAgent utility. To do this type "xogorocks" while viewing the Windows desktop. It may take a few tries. You will see a popup window like in the video below. The utility should have the following settings: 

  • Signage IP:
  • Keyboard Event Asset: Keyboard 1080 (or similar) - this is the video triggered by keyboard removal
  • Pen Eraser Event Asset: Pen 1080 (or similar) - this is the video triggered by clicking Surface Pen
  • Location: The same computer name you used during LogMeIn setup (country-city-street-device type-device number)
  • WiFi Device: Select the device listed: Marvell AVASTAR Wireless
  • WiFi Profile: Select "XOGO". This is the wireless network SSID broadcast by the AirLink MP70 router. Important: if you do not see this network, leave the Surface Agent window open and try to connect the device to the XOGO wireless network (password: xogorocks). Then close and reopen the Surface Agent window. Now you can select XOGO. 

d) Verify that the pen trigger works by clicking the eraser button on the Surface Pen. Windows Ink will open on the Surface device, and the media player PC will begin playing the pen video. Note that if you hold down the eraser button, the system will activate Cortana instead of triggering the video. If this doesn't work, make sure the pen is actually paired to the device. 

e) Verify that the keyboard trigger works by removing the keyboard from the Surface Pro. The media player PC will immediately begin playing a keyboard video when the keyboard is removed from, or attached to, the Surface Pro.

Figure 7: Surface Agent Setup

Figure 7: Surface Agent Setup

Step 6: Apply Support Stickers / Final Clean-Up

Once the videos are playing and content triggers are working, please take the following final steps before leaving the store:

  • Place a label on the media player PC indicating who to contact for support:
    • Europe: "For 24/7 support email:"
    • Rest of world: "For 24/7 support email:"
  • Send photos of the Surface table, the device serial numbers, and the router's IMEI number to your employer
  • If the store has a working WiFi network write down the SSID (network name), password and gateway (i.e.
    • (Hint: put a Surface Studio onto the WiFi network then use CMD and type ipconfig. Hit enter and you'll see the gateway)
    • Send the network info to your employer so they can enable WiFi to WAN on the router