How does XOGO compare to other signage platforms?

XOGO was designed with simplicity and low cost in mind. We have two apps:  XOGO Manager runs on your existing smart phone, tablet or PC. It works like a remote control and lets you upload content, organize it into playlists, and send it to your players. The second app, XOGO Player runs on XOGO Mini (or your own Windows 10, Android, Chrome or Android Fire device!) and loops the playlists that you send it from the manager app.

What is the difference between free and pro?

In our free version you can upload up to 15 library items, videos up to one minute long and manage a single player. In our pro version you can have an unlimited number of library items and playlists, videos up to five minutes in length, and you can play 4k content in addition to standard HD. The price is just $15 per player per month if you pay annually, or choose to pay month-to-month for just $20 per player. You can manage your billing preferences right in the XOGO Manager app!

Do you offer enterprise pricing?

We sure do! If your organization requires more than 100 players we can offer discounted pricing on hardware and subscriptions. We also offer customized installation and support packages for enterprise customers across the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia Pacific. Please contact us for more details.

What file types does XOGO support?

The media player application (XOGO Player) will display both static images and video files. We currently support PNG and JPEG still images, and MP4 / MOV files (H.264 codec) for video. If you have existing videos in another format that you want to use with XOGO, there's an excellent (and free!) application called Handbrake that you can use to rip them to MP4 or MOV.

What resolutions and frame rates does XOGO Mini support?

XOGO Mini supports 30FPS at 1080 resolution. XOGO Mini 4k supports up to 60FPS at 1080 resolution or 30FPS at 4k resolution.

Does XOGO still work if my media player loses WiFi?

Absolutely. By default XOGO will cache your playlist on your media player PC so even if it loses Internet connectivity, your content keeps playing. You only need Internet connectivity for the media player when you want to make changes to your media playlist, or when you want to use Realtime mode.

Can I leave XOGO Mini turned on 24/7?

Of course! XOGO Mini was engineered around a mobile phone chipset and designed to run 24/7. If you need to reboot your device you can do so right from XOGO Manager. Just click on the player, go to Advanced in the bottom left menu, and click on reboot. You can also simply unplug the Mini, wait a few seconds, and then plug it back in.

Can XOGO Mini turn my TV on/off?

Not yet, but we're working on it. Some modern televisions / displays are able to be turned on / off by an HDMI feature called CEC (Consumer Electronics Control). This allows the TV to automatically turn on when -as an example- you turn on a peripheral like a Blu-Ray player or Apple TV. XOGO Mini does not yet support HDMI-CEC but we are working on this for a future release. 

Does the XOGO Mini work with captive portal networks?

The short answer is yes, our devices will absolutely work on captive portal networks! You just need to take an extra step. For those who don’t know, a captive portal network is a WiFi network that launches a webpage that you need to sign into with a username and password.  These networks are common in hotels and airports, and sometimes found in corporate environments. A lot of consumer devices like the XOGO Mini (and Apple TV, Nest thermostat, etc.) do not have an internal web browser to display this portal. But they will still work if the network administrator white-lists the MAC address of your device (they will know what this means!). 

Where can I find the MAC address of my XOGO Mini?

When using the XOGO Mini on a secure corporate network or a captive portal network (see above) you may need to find out the MAC address of your XOGO Mini device so it can be whitelisted and allowed on the network. You will see the Mini’s IP settings -including its WiFi and ethernet MAC addresses- on the bottom of the QR code screen while setting up your Mini.

What if I need to factory reset my XOGO Mini?

In the event that your XOGO Mini should become corrupted for some reason and not work properly, you can perform a factory reset to correct the issue. First open XOGO Manager and delete the device from your list of players. Next, follow these steps to power cycle the device. Unplug the Mini and plug it back in, wait until the Ria logo goes away, and then unplug the device again.  Do this three times. On the 4th time, let the device boot all the way and it will perform a factory reset. This may take 5-10 minutes. After the factory reset please wait 60 seconds and then reboot the device ONE last time to make sure that all settings are applied. The Mini will then be ready to go. It will display the QR / PIN code setup screen, and you can add it back into XOGO Manager.

How do I get my content from the XOGO Manager app to the XOGO Player app?

We made this super easy; in fact, it's probably the coolest thing about our platform. All you need to do is open the XOGO Manager app on your tablet or smart phone, and you'll see a screen like the one below. Just click New in order to upload content. Then click new to create playlists of that content. Finally, click New to add media players to play those playlists. There's a section where you will enter the PIN number from XOGO Player (running on your XOGO Mini or PC), and that connects the two apps together. For step by step instructions please see Getting Started or check out the tutorials on our YouTube page.

Figure 1: Click New to upload content into the library, create playlists and add media players.

Figure 1: Click New to upload content into the library, create playlists and add media players.

Figure 2: XOGO Player's start screen shows a QR code and PIN that are used to connect the player to XOGO Manager.

Figure 2: XOGO Player's start screen shows a QR code and PIN that are used to connect the player to XOGO Manager.

Can I set up more than one digital sign?

Of course!  Just upgrade to pro in the XOGO Manager app. The price is only $15 per player per month* and there are no limits to library size or the number of playlists that you can create. Max video length also jumps from one to five minutes, and you can play 4k videos in addition to HD. *When paid annually. Not into commitment? You can choose to pay month-to-month instead for just $20 per player!

Figure 3: Upgrade right in the XOGO Manager app to unlock advanced features or deploy more than one digital sign.

Figure 3: Upgrade right in the XOGO Manager app to unlock advanced features or deploy more than one digital sign.

Can I pull in web content i.e. social media feeds?

You sure can! We work closely with online content providers so you can easily create content feeds for news, weather, sports, airport info, social media pages, digital restaurant menus, and more. Then you just drop your feed’s URL into an HTML file, zip it and upload it to your XOGO library. We have tutorial videos on our YouTube channel showing how this is done. If it sounds too complicated our XOGO Studio team can set up your feeds and load them right into your XOGO account for you.

Does XOGO work with touch screens?

At the moment XOGO is limited to displaying graphics, videos and web content on standard screens. However, we are working on a kiosk-mode feature (late 2018) that will allow you to easily build touch-screen experiences. Please sign up for email updates below and we'll let you know when it's ready!

What type of displays do you recommend?

You can run any type of digital display (or projector!) with XOGO. Your media player PC just needs to have the correct connection -or adapter- for the display that you want to use. For example our XOGO Mini has an HDMI connection on the back that is compatible with all modern TVs. Feel free to contact us if you need assistance prior to selecting your displays and we'll be happy to help. 

Can XOGO work with multiple displays arranged as a video wall?

Absolutely! There are a few different ways to do this. The easiest is to use commercial displays like ViewSonic or NEC that support tile matrix mode, so the displays can be "daisy-chained" together. In plain terms this means that your media player connects to display 1, then display 1 connects to display 2, and so on. These displays are smart enough to distribute the input from the media player across themselves.

The content that you develop and load into XOGO for a video wall should be sized appropriately for the resolution of the combined displays, so it doesn't get pixellated. For example if you were to mount two 1080p displays on top of one another, your content should be 1920 pixels wide (the width of one display) by 2160 pixels tall (1080 pixels x2). That's all it takes! If this sounds confusing, please feel free to email us with questions and we'll be happy to help and/or connect you with a partner who can install your video wall.

Can I split the screen into "zones"?

We believe that the best way to see and experience digital content is in full screen, so we do not currently support zones. However, if your business has a specific requirement for zones or another feature, please reach out and we'll provide you with a quote for a customization. 

Can I add another user to my account?

Of course! You can do this right in the XOGO Manager app. Just click on Sign Up and enter the new email address, password, etc. You’ll see a note that your company is already registered in XOGO; please click OK to apply. Then as the admin who originally set up your company account in XOGO, you will receive an email and can approve the new user yourself. Watch the video here.

Can I run XOGO Player on my Google Chrome device?

You sure can. We offer a version of XOGO Player specifically for devices like Chromebit and Chromebox that run the Google Chrome operating system. Please see our setup instructions specific to Google Chrome.

Is XOGO Player for Chrome different than the other versions?

It looks exactly the same but there are a couple of feature differences. First there’s no Bluetooth WiFi setup, because Chrome devices are set up with a mouse and keyboard. You also won’t see network info (i.e. MAC address, IP address) on the bottom of the QR code screen. Finally, playback sync is not available on the Chrome version. (That’s a little-known feature that can keep multiple digital signs in sync across a network, so they all play the same thing at exactly the same time.) Aside from that the Chrome version works exactly like XOGO Player on any other device. Please see our setup instructions for Google Chrome.

I'm an advertising agency. Can I white label XOGO with my own branding, for resale to customers?

XOGO is an excellent fit for the agency model because we make it so easy to build and deploy customized, interactive digital signs. At the moment we do not support white-labeling, but if there is sufficient interest we will consider adding it to our backlog. Feel free to drop us a note and we'll add you to the list of interested agencies.

How does Realtime mode work?

Realtime mode is a very unique feature of XOGO Decision Signage. It allows you to immediately override whatever is currently playing on your media player (digital sign) with other content -even hidden content- in your playlist. For instance you can have a normal "attract" playlist playing all day, then pull out your tablet or phone in order to interrupt the display and show off blueprints, tech specs, product videos... even give a presentation! Check out our video tutorials to see Realtime in action.

Figure 4: Realtime mode allows you to interrupt your screens and play any content from your playlist.

Figure 4: Realtime mode allows you to interrupt your screens and play any content from your playlist.

Figure 5: Items can even be set as "hidden" in your playlist so they will only appear when you use Realtime mode.

Figure 5: Items can even be set as "hidden" in your playlist so they will only appear when you use Realtime mode.

This is really cool, but I need help developing content.

Not every business has a design department, and that's okay. Our in-house agency XOGO Studio can create beautiful graphics, motion-graphics or video content that will dazzle your audience. Once you approve your new content online, we’ll even load it into your XOGO account so it starts playing on your screens right away. Please get in touch with us for a free estimate!

What happens if I need to downgrade my account?

You can downgrade your XOGO account anytime by logging into XOGO Manager and deleting all (or all but one) of your players. Make sure you have no more than 15 items in your content library. Then click on "Account", click to downgrade and simply follow the prompts. 

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