How does XOGO compare to other signage platforms?

XOGO was designed with simplicity and low cost in mind. The player app runs on commonly available Windows hardware - you can use your own Windows PC or purchase a XOGO Mini from us. Our management application is free of charge and works on your Windows, Android or iOS tablet or smart phone. XOGO is free to use on one display. To unlock our Pro features (i.e. playlist scheduling, multiple media players) you can upgrade to Pro -right in the app- for only $15 per screen per month (billed annually, or $20 monthly).


What is the difference between free and pro?

In the free version you can upload up to 15 library items, videos up to one minute long and manage only a single device. In our pro version (you can upgrade right in the app!) you can have unlimited number of library items and devices, plus access to features like playlist scheduling. The price is just $15 per screen per month (billed annually, or $20 monthly).


What file types does XOGO support?

The XOGO media player application will display both static images and video files. We currently support PNG and JPEG still images, and MP4 / MOV files (H.264 codec) for video. Stay tuned as we add support for more file types and online content!


Does XOGO still work if my media player loses WiFi?

Absolutely. XOGO will cache your media playlist on the media player so even if there is no connectivity, your content will keep playing. You only need connectivity for the media player (and the device running our management app) when you want to make changes to your media playlist. If your device does not have enough caching storage you can run your device online with no caching as well.


How do I get my content from management app to the media player?

We made this super easy; in fact, it's probably the coolest thing about our platform. All you need to do is open the XOGO Content Manager app on your tablet or smart phone, and you'll see a screen like the one below. First you will tap the +NEW button in the Library section to load images or videos from your device into the Library. Once you've uploaded your media, click +NEW in the Playlists section to add items from the Library into one or more playlists, and select how long each item should play on screen.


Next, you can click +NEW in the Players section and then use your device's camera to scan the QR code on the display that is connected to your media player (which is running XOGO Decision Signage). This connects your XOGO account to that media player. Finally, you will click on the media player you just added and tell it which playlist that you want it to play. Your XOGO management app will automagically upload your playlist to the cloud, and the XOGO Decision Signage app will pull it down from the cloud, cache it on the media player and begin playing your content. 


What type of displays do you recommend?

You can essentially run any type of digital display (or projector!) with XOGO. Of course, your media player hardware must have the corresponding output for the display hardware that you want to use - for instance our XOGO Mini player connects via HDMI. If you are planning to run a multiple-display video wall, then we recommend using DisplayPort-capable screens that can be "daisy chained" together. Then you can run more than one display with a single Windows media player. Feel free to contact us if you need assistance prior to selecting your displays and we'll be happy to help.


How does Realtime mode work?

Realtime mode is a really unique feature of XOGO Decision Signage, and we include it in both the free and pro versions. It allows you to immediately override the playlist on any of your digital screens in real time and make it play any video or image content from your Library. Whether you're showing off sales materials, your photography portfolio or giving an important presentation, XOGO has you covered. 


This is really cool, but I need help developing content.

The quality of your content can make or break a signage deployment. XOGO and our agency partners offer professional video and motion graphic development for organizations that don't have their own creative departments. Please get in touch with us in order to discuss your project and obtain a free estimate. 


Don't see your question here?

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