Digital Signage for Small Business

Digital Signage for Small Business

Small businesses these days face a lot of pressure from competitors, both online and locally. Now more than ever, businesses must keep their branding and messaging up to date, while keeping marketing costs low. Digital signage is the perfect solution, as it provides a low cost, engaging and fun way to communicate with customers. 

Why take your signage digital?

Digital signage has come a long way in the past couple of years. Display and PC prices have become very competitive, and companies like XOGO have emerged that offer intuitive, low cost software for managing content. Business owners no longer need to pay a designer and printer each time they want to produce a sign or menu board - it’s now possible to create digital content on one's own computer and send it to one or more screens almost instantaneously.  

How is digital signage used?

Digital signage is incredibly flexible and can be adapted to many types of business needs.  Suppose that you run a busy restaurant and want to display your menus on a large screen. Digital signage allows you to make frequent updates and load them to the display in real time, right from your smart phone or tablet. Or maybe you’re a retailer looking to increase traffic into your store. A display mounted on a movable stand or within a kiosk is an excellent way to attract attention and advertise particular products or sales - even outdoors!  But the options don’t end there - the XOGO platform allows business owners to run content on multi-screen video walls and even to beam content from a tablet or smart phone to a large display in real time! 

How does one get started with digital signage?

We’ve made this very easy with XOGO. Our media player software runs on Windows 10, so you can download our software and run it on your own device, or simply purchase one from us that comes pre-installed and with our software for a truly plug-and-play experience. So how do you get your content on the screen? All you need to do is download our free content management app for your Windows or Android device. Then you just plug your media player into a screen, scan the QR code on the screen that appears, and you’re ready to send your content to the player from your Windows or Android device. It’s that easy. (See our Getting Started page.)

Have more questions about how to use digital signage?

Please browse our support FAQs or download XOGO for free and give it a try. Or reach out via email and we’ll endeavor to get back to you within 48 hours.